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We offer the prestigious ICET Quality Certificate, School Awards, Rankings, and the Recognition Document for Education institutions. Join us to celebrate and champion outstanding contributions to education globally.

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ICET: Elevating Education Excellence Globally

Welcome to the ICET, your gateway to the forefront of educational excellence. As the International Council for Education and Training, we go beyond traditional assessments, offering a comprehensive approach that includes the prestigious ICET Quality Certificate, School Awards Celebrating K-12 institutions innovation, detailed School Rankings for informed decisions, and the exclusive Recognition Document for School – a symbol of distinction and commitment to excellence. Join our community of educational leaders and enthusiasts as we explore, recognize, and champion the outstanding contributions of schools worldwide, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in education.

Our Team

ICET Professional Team

ICET’s global impact is led by Dr. Neeta Bali, Sparsh Garg, Edward Mondol, and Corina Sujdea. From transformative leadership in the NCR to global entrepreneurship, diverse expertise in Canada, and trailblazing efforts in Romania, this dynamic team propels ICET’s mission to revolutionize global education.

In the realm of educational technology, ICET’s leadership, including Dr. Neeta Bali, Sparsh Garg, Edward Mondol, and Corina Sujdea, signifies a blend of transformative leadership, entrepreneurial vision, and diverse expertise. Their collective impact drives ICET’s mission to shape the future of education globally.

Nita Bali

Nita Bali

Regional Director - NCR
Dr. Neeta Bali, ICET Regional Director, embodies transformative leadership, blending proven success, diverse expertise, and a commitment to elevate educational technology in the NCR.
Sparsh Garg

Sparsh Garg

Discover Sparsh Garg's impactful journey—from early successes to founding Educlouds and chairing ICET. Celebrate a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to reshaping education globally.
Edward Mondal

Edward Mondal

Director Canada
Meet Edward Mondol, ICET's Director - Canada, a dynamic leader shaping global education through diverse expertise in academia, consultancy, and social entrepreneurship.
Corina Sujda

Corina Sujda

Director Romania
Corina Sujdea, a trailblazer in education and Regional Director - Romania at ICET. Celebrate her visionary leadership and commitment to advancing educational technology worldwide.

ICET: Globally Recognized Educational Authority

Welcome to ICET, an internationally recognized council making a significant impact across 30+ countries. As a leading authority in education, ICET is dedicated to fostering excellence and innovation in learning environments worldwide.  Join us on this journey as we work together to shape the future of learning on an international scale.

ICET Quality Certification

Elevate education standards, showcasing a school's commitment to excellence.

ICET Quality Certification:

Ensure top-tier education standards with ICET's rigorous assessment process, signaling a school's commitment to excellence

ICET School Rankings

Get insights with categorized rankings based on academic excellence.

ICET School Rankings:

Gain valuable insights for decision-making by exploring ICET's categorization of schools based on performance, from academic excellence to overall contributions.

ICET School Awards

Honor schools for outstanding achievements, fostering innovation in education

ICET School Awards:

Recognize and honor schools for outstanding achievements and continuous improvement, fostering a culture of innovation in education.

ICET Recognition Document

Symbolize exceptional achievements and a dedication to high standards in education.

ICET Recognition Document:

Beyond a certificate, it signifies exceptional achievements and a dedication to high standards, making the institution a beacon of educational excellence.

All Features

ICET Services:

ICET offers a suite of comprehensive educational services aimed at fostering excellence and innovation in schools. The Quality Certification program ensures that schools adhere to top-tier education standards through a rigorous assessment process, highlighting their commitment to excellence. The School Awards recognize and honor outstanding achievements and continuous improvement, cultivating a culture of innovation within educational institutions. Through the School Rankings, ICET provides valuable insights for decision-making by categorizing schools based on performance, encompassing academic excellence and overall contributions. Furthermore, the ICET Recognition Document goes beyond a traditional certificate, symbolizing exceptional achievements and a steadfast dedication to high standards, establishing the institution as a true beacon of educational excellence.


Benefits of Our Services

In the pursuit of educational excellence, ICET Certification stands as a hallmark, assuring institutions of top-tier standards. Through School Awards and Rankings, ICET fosters continuous improvement and provides benchmarks, while the Recognition Document signifies a commitment to unparalleled educational standards. Embrace ICET Certification to elevate your institution and showcase a dedication to excellence.


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ICET, spanning 30+ countries, leads the charge in elevating education standards and fostering global innovation in learning. Join us as we shape the future of education excellence.

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